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Gary Kellmann – Coach/Leader

Gary has over 25 years of consumer product development, retail distribution and sales experience. He has also coached ideation through many entrepreneurial startups, as well and processes for engineering and manufacturing for both consumer and B2B products. Gary resides in the St. Louis area and has lived in Shenzhen, China as well where he built his business based upon first hand needs that were not being met via the existing companies and practices. Gary travels to China several times a year to continue to coach his team there as well as work directly on the manufacturing of his customer’s products.

Gary is also the author of White Ghost in China, a thriller novel about a young entrepreneur, Ben Stillwater who went to China to make his fortune, buying into the country’s manufacturing millenial gold rush, but what began as a quest for successful business became a personal search for his own soul. With the mafia hot on his heels, a million-dollar business deal hanging in the balance after a lead paint scare, and the appearance of a Ghost “Ben” was on his way to running away from the “gold” and heading back to the states.

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Over 10 years project management experience in home appliances, furniture, high tech/gaming, apparel

8 years experience in Project Management with background in toys, furniture and packaging

A KDK Partner with an MBA at UMSL in USA with 8 years of project management and Sales Experience for 3M China in automotive manufacturing and start up companies

Production specialist with over 20 years of manufacturing background in silicone, injection/compression/extrusion/blow molding/roto molding-plastics, wood, metals, MDF, foam, acrylic, with secondary painting/plating processes and project management through GANTT chart processes.

4 years experience in quality control and project management with experience in home goods, housewares and furniture

over 10 years project management experience with specialty in housewares, electronics, toys, home goods.

10 years experience in quality assurance and control in apparel, home appliances, furniture and toys

18 years experience in book keeping, sales and executive assistance

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