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KDK Technology can be your one-stop partner when it comes to manufacturing and go-to-market strategies. Providing services and resources from engineering, cash flow financing to GANTT Chart management processes to introductions with service providers who develop best-in-class product and presentations – KDK Technology is proud to be an integral part in building several multi-million dollar product lines and businesses.


bitsy bottom

To the yoga enthusiast it is important that the clothes move with your body and reflect your style at the same time. Bitsy Bottom manufacturing prices were too high when sourcing on their own. KDK reduced their costs 30% and developed a line of 20 skus consisting of bottoms, tops and headwear. Bitsy Bottom could not sacrifice quality or performance but they were happy to save nearly one third of the costs which helped Bitsy Bottom scale nationally to retail stores.



Electronic device capabilities continue to expand, but their remotes lagged far behind in innovation. A major issue was the lack of a qwerty + touchpad keyboard that linked seamlessly via Bluetooth. As if that challenge was not enough, it also had to be a beautiful piece of technology that you were proud to have on your coffee table or desk. KDK incorporated high-quality curved aluminum with ergonomic design to create a device that any gadget-lover would be proud to use and show off – and at a price that allowed Genos to hit their target price point.

Household Storage


Storage space is an issue for all too many home owners. The Cabidor allows you to turn most any door into a world of portable storage space. But this product would not have been the multi-million dollar success it is today if it were not for a 40% savings that KDK provided over the original purchased product price per unit. This increased margin gave Cabidor the working capital they needed to grow and expand.

Beverage Systems


Many times customer specifications and prototypes do not marry. Such was the case in this complicated home draft beer system. KDK was brought in to bridge the gap between specs and current design…and do it on an expedited timeline of 6 months to go from design to CAD models to mass production. Today the Synek draft beer system is launching nationally and succeeding – it was about finding the right partner for the project.


LIT Cooler

How many times have you had to fish around with your hands in the dark, cold ice in a cooler to hopefully pull out what you went to the cooler for in the first place? The Lit Cooler company thought that it was time to put LED lights in a cooler so that you could see what you were grabbing. Problem was, their original engineering company could not make it work on customers expedited time line. KDK took over design and improved the functionality and was able to get to mass production in 6 months.



Accuracy is paramount when it comes to marksmanship. Whether it is for self protection or for the sport of hunting, training is key – and a proven way to improve from shot to shot is to have immediate feedback on the quality of the last shot fired. Triumph was not satisfied with the production costs quoted from another manufacturer on the Pivotal Trainer and hired KDK to reduce the costs without sacrificing the quality. In the end, KDK saved Triumph 30% on production costs, giving everyone 30% more incentive to master their own shots.

Services where KDK can help your business:

  • Cash flow financing for mature production
  • Project management processes
    • (GANTT)
    • Tight deadline projects
  • Introduction to investors for order financing and scaling production
  • Introduction to service providers to help clients with best of class product and presentations
    • Graphics
    • Sales reps
    • Domestic engineering
    • Distribution and channel management
  • Value engineering (electronic, software, mechanical)

KDK is an integral partner in helping you build multi million dollar lines through off shore and on shore sourcing and manufacturing for product developers, direct importers, marketing companies and manufacturers who sell directly to: Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, QVC, HSN, Gardeners Supply, Brookstone, Solutions, and many more retailers, catalogs, e-commerce sites in USA, Europe , Japan and Australia.

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